Pre-Adoption Checklist

At least half the animals in shelters are surrendered by people who didn’t think through the responsibilities of caring for an animal before getting one. Please don’t make the same mistake. Sharing your life with an animal can bring incredible rewards, but only if you are willing to make the necessary commitments of time, money, responsibility, and love for the life of the animal.

Tips for First 30 days of Cat Adoption

Pre- Adoption Checklist:

__You are ready and capable to immediately take over veterinary care and expenses on this cat.

__You are willing to spend  a minimum of $350 per year for the care of your cat.

__ You are ready to provide regular veterinarian visits and monthly flea preventative.

__Everyone in your household should be in favor of adopting a cat

__Your landlord knows about and approves of a new feline tenant

__If planning to move in the next 6 months, you plan to find a new home that allows pets.

__ You plan to be present to supervise young children when they are around the cat/kitten

__ You have time to devote to the care of a cat, including petting and grooming

__You plan to have a regularly cleaned litter box (scooped daily, and washed with soapy water once a week)

__You are committed to keeping the cat even if he/she scratches furniture and drapes.

__You will invest in cat scratch towers, pheromones, time playing with your cat, etc. if there are problems with scratching furniture.

__You are comfortable with the thought of cat hair on your furniture and clothing

__You are prepared to commit to this cat for the next 10 to 20 years

If you are ready and willing to do all these things you are ready to click the Adoption Application link!