Rescue Stories

Nugget was found starved to the point of being paralyzed in the streets of Eureka. He spent several months with us at the rescue being pampered and bathed daily while learning how to digest food again. One day a man came in who recognized the sweet black cat from the Eureka streets. He worked in the kitchen at the Rescue Mission and they would feed him out the back calling him “Survivor”. The kitchen moved locations and Survivor and his caretakers were separated. When they happened into the rescue that day they couldn’t believe it was him! They took him home and he spent 3 great months being loved and pampered before passing away peacefully. Every life deserves a chance to feel loved and care for.

We had to say goodbye to a very special foster kitten. She was born with defects and no one could meet her needs to adopt her. So a very special foster family gave her the best loving home. Sonja was a beautiful, sweet and loving girl. She loved following her foster mom, Nicole around the yard, eating trisquets, asparagus, carrots… pretty much anything. She had the most beautiful eyes.. they smiled at you. Oh… and she loved chasing bouncy balls. Good by our sweet Sonja… Nicole Goods family has a missing spot in their lives. We can’t thank them enough for the incredible care they provided for this special kitten. It was a true forever home for Sonja despite any technicality. Nicole Good and her family have such huge hearts and we pray that God blesses them and comforts them while they mourn this loss. We want to thank everyone who donated towards her final vet bills so that she had the very best care right up to the end.

Moe is the all black kitty on the left. He came to us nearly feral, very scared and uneasy for months at the rescue. Kim saw his post on Facebook and fell in love. After the adoption it was an adjustment for all but after just a few days Moe knew he had hit the jackpot!! Here is a testimonial from Kim “We love our Moe so much from HART rescue. If I ever need another kitty (and I will) I’ll come to you. My other two rescues were still grieving the loss of our Blackberry but Moe came along and put a spring in all our steps, he’s so frisky. Here he is with Pearly G”