Pedialyte Recipe – the following recipe for Pedialyte is from The World Health Organization.  This Pedialyte formula gives needed electrolytes and some sugar for energy.  Since it has no preservatives it has a very short life-span (2-3 days).  Keep refrigerated.

Pedialyte Formula: Boil water. add other ingredients.  Stir until they dissolve

*1 1/2 Cups water

*1 Tbsp Sugar

*1/4 tsp salt

*1/4 tsp baking soda

GLOP Kittens and Cats:

1 1/2 cups pedialyte formula

1 package knox gelatin

1 12 oz can Goat’s milk or 4 scoops powdered Goat’s milk

2 Tbsp Real Mayonaise

2 Tbsp plain yogurt (no greek or nonfat)

1 tsp Karo syrup

1 can (11 oz) of KMR or the equivalent of prepared powdered KMR

**No HARTZ brand kitten formula.  avoid all HARTZ products.

For kittens 3-4 weeks old add 1 jar baby food (beechnut or organic chicken or turkey baby food).

Boil the pedialyte formula, remove from heat add gelatin and stir until it dissolves.  Set aside.  Coming remaining ingredients in a separate bowl, mix until there are no lumps.  Add pedialyte and stir until completely mixed.  Store GLOB in the refrigerator.  Freeze what you won’t use in 2-3 days.  I recommend pint size containers for freezing.  Ice cube trays work great for single servings.  You can thaw GLOP in the microwave.  Never give a kitten GLOP right out the microwave.  Always make sure it is not too hot for the kitten.

If a kitten is real lethargic and unwilling to eat, you can rub a very small drop of Karo syrup on its gums or mix a little Karo syrup with the pedialyte and give it a drop at a time by eye dropper.  It helps perk them up so you can give them formula.  It will give them a boost, but does not stay with them long.